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Cold Callers Guild

The Cold Callers Guild was founded by “AJ the Blue Horse” early in 2004 to help people experience the Sellbot VP no matter their suit level or experience. A founding principle to enable this was that there be no elevator shuffle when fighting the cogs.

Anyone is welcome to join in our runs so long as they are willing to abide by our single rule and our time tested guidelines:

Our one rule is :

  • No Elevator Shuffling -- Once you load the elevator, stay on the elevator

The guild has developed a set of guidelines to try and insure a positive playing experience for all who attend our runs. These guidelines work in conjunction with our only rule (above).

  • Boarding groups are incompatible with our core beliefs We don't select who we load with, we pack on and go!
  • Pack the elevators No elevator should leave with empty slots. If you are on the loading platform it is assumed you are ready to load. If there are vacancies on the elevator, pack on. If you are not ready to load, stay on the lower floor or outside.
  • Do NOT stand directly in front of the elevator; doing so blocks the view of those on the elevator We use the Doodle phrase "Rollover" to indicate the elevator view is being blocked.
  • No F4-ing on the elevator unless 5 or less toons after the doors close
  • The preferred VP strategy is "Lure left, kill right" See threads on the forums for clarification of this strategy.
  • The CCG does not approve of the use of any unfriendly chat This includes stinky speedchat phrases used in an unfriendly way or hurtful use of SC+.
  • Choose gags which will not endanger other toons The boss cog fight is NOT the place to "work" your gags.
  • Don't board the elevators before the official run time We prefer everyone stay in the pit/outside, or off the loading platforms
  • "Glitches" are not acceptable on CCG runs
  • Work as a team. Everyone wants to win
  • Be nice You don't know the human behind the toon.
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